Chat tales
I used to do a lot of internet chatting in chat rooms. My pseudonym was Bloodwynd. It was fun, usually. Maybe it was a bit of a waste of time. But it wasn't totally a waste, because I kept a record of all my chats in my written journals in 1997, 1998 and 1999, and therefore I am now able to create this page for you so you can read all about it.
    Most of what you'll see here are vague descriptions of what happened in the chat rooms. Some of them contain quotes of what was actually said, recalled from memory. Two of the chats near the end are actual long-form transcriptions, word for word, of what was said. There are eighty-one chats described here, so for the sake of navigation they have been spilt into several sub-pages, each with a contents list at the beginning.
    Chats 1-10 - October 15th to December 2nd 1997 - in which I chat on the university network student access computers.
    Chats 11-34 - December 4th 1997 to June 20th 1998 - in which I chat on the computers at the public library.
    Chats 35-41 - June 24th to July 9th 1998 - in which I finally get internet access at home and start chatting on my home computer.
    Chats 41-77 - July 11th 1998 to February 28th 1999 - in which I continue chatting at home, but in a different chat room (Geocities instead of Club Gabbay)
    Chat 78 - March 6th 1999 - long transcription
    Chat 79 - March 23rd 1999 - in which I discuss individuality (this was on the web-site before)
    Chat 80 - March 27th 1999 - in which I make a guitar out of spaghetti
    Chat 81 - May 1st 1999 - discussion of the Columbine High School massacre (long transcription)