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Chat 81, aftermath of the Columbine High School shooting: May 1st 1999
(sometimes re-ordered for clarity)
(some spelling mistakes corrected)
Athens Forum welcomes zerogirl
Silly_tea_tree says: helloooooo 0gal!
Zerogirl says: this is BOOORING!
Zerogirl says: God, I wish (and then) that the CIA hadn't taken down Dylan Klebold's webpage.
Zerogirl says: I wanted to see it
Dulcinea says: zero, take control of your destiny!... you must make your own happiness! (or whatever)
Jakester says: I agree zerogirl
Silly_tea_tree says: get drunk 0gal
Bloodwynd says: didn't anyone make a cory of it?
Zerogirl says: I think that we all have the right to see that if we had the right to see the event itself on television... god
Bloodwynd says: cory == copy
Zerogirl says: blah blah blah...
Zerogirl says: SO... who wants to be in a movement?
Silly_tea_tree says: what movement 0gal
Zerogirl says: I think I'd like to start one and I think that it would be cool to start one with people on the internet
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: a movement for what?
Zerogirl says: it's going to be based on exposing how retarded america is
Zerogirl says: I think it should be pretty easy
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: yeah, a lot of people seeim so retarded now a days
Zerogirl says: not even people, american society
Zerogirl says: I think american people are fine, america as a geographical place is beautiful, but the way it's run? RETARDED.
Zerogirl says: HELLO! LET'S talk something interesting.
Zerogirl says: THIS IS BORING.
Zerogirl says: baaaah
Silly_tea_tree says: then go home 0gal
Zerogirl says: I am at home
Silly_tea_tree says: then go to bed
Zerogirl says: I'm not tired
Zerogirl says: I'd rather be harassing people to be more interesting
Silly_tea_tree says: then buck up 0gal
Clyzso says: anyone know why sub's got his own room today??
Silly_tea_tree says: bcos he's probably p---ed at me, clysz
Zerogirl says: LET'S PLAY A GAME!
Bela says: what kind of game??
Zerogirl says: um... let's play, uhhhh, OH! The debating game
Bela says: What shall be the topic?
Zerogirl says: when silly picks a topic we will all debate it
Zerogirl says: THERE, this should be interesting, or at least fun
Silly_tea_tree says: um... we should discuss...
Silly_tea_tree says: about...
Silly_tea_tree says: garbonzo beans!
Zerogirl says: NO! that topic sucks
Silly_tea_tree says: or maybe...
Zerogirl says: give us something GOOD!
Bloodwynd says: right arrow doesn't know what a garbonzo bean is
Silly_tea_tree says: I'm too inebriated...
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: This will be a good game
Zerogirl says: all right WHO has a GOOD topic to debate?
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: how about something traditional... like, what is truth?
Zerogirl says: no, those are so clichι
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: but the great thing is that they are without an answer still!
Zerogirl says: let's talk about... OKAY! I HAVE A THING
Zerogirl says: EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO PLAY, listen up
Zerogirl says: we're going to be in two teams.
Zerogirl says: those who are FOR what NATO is doing in Kosovo and those who are AGAINST what NATO is doing in Kosovo
Zerogirl says: no? All right, what do you want to debate?
Bela says: I am definitely in the anti-nato camp
Zerogirl says: Me too, Bela, we're on the wave length
Bela says: though I am for arming the KLA
Spat says: how about whether or not the whole Littleton incident is an issue of gun control or a larger social problem within the US?
Airport says: spat, boo, hiss, no more coverage of littleton...
Spat says: hmmm, being that I grew up in Littleton, and went to HS there...
YummySkunk says: the Littleton issue is about something much more complicated that we have not come to understand yet...
Zerogirl says: spat, you grew up in Littleton?
Spat says: I agree Skunk, I think that gun control is a sniveling excuse being blamed on the social issues within this city
Airport says: How about the question of whether Littleton is a microcosm of problems we all face? (embarrassed that he didn't know spat grew up there... trying to recover his footing)
Spat says: yes, I grew up in Littleton
YummySkunk says: people are too dam analitical sometimes... we have forgotten some of our good instincts and retained some of our bad ones
Silly_tea_tree says: indeed
Spat says: of course Skunk
Zerogirl says: YummySkunke – we only have a few instincts left, screw, drink, eat.
Bloodwynd says: I don't have any of those instincts.
Airport says: zero, we actually have fewer than those.
Silly_tea_tree says: just screw?
Catmann says: no yummy, everything is perfect. Humans are evolving exactly as they should. If we get wiped out, then that was the law of nature at work. Don't grieve...
Zerogirl says: I guess, no way. We all screw and eat and drink
Airport says: lol
Zerogirl says: ya, get it on, do the funky chicken f and u and c and k
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – not all of us have sex
Airport says: and most of us eat and sleep
Silly_tea_tree says: Hello sub
Zerogirl says: Yes, but at some point everyone will... well, almost everyone will
Silly_tea_tree says: some drink more than others
Mangomoons says: hello dere subby
Bloodwynd says: so it's not a RULE
Zerogirl says: not a rule, but a natural instinct, yes
Zerogirl says: OH, who here thinks home schooling is the answer to all this school madness?
Silly_tea_tree says: ick hell no 0gal
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – but not everyone can do the homeschooling
Zerogirl says: spat, where are you?
Airport says: Hi again, Sub Zero... you better say Hi this time...
Sub zero says: *Checks byatch slap hand* Don't make me use this thing airport. I already used it on destiny so leave me be. *Growls and goes to sit in the dark part of the corner of the room*
Zerogirl says: OH WAIT, you're in San Fran, right?
Spat says: This school madness has made me decide never to have children.
Spat says: That I am )girl
Sub Zero says: *slowly uses his powers to freeze his little corner of the room and make it chilly*
Sub Zero says: much better.
Zerogirl says: spat, where are you?
Spat says: San Fran, 0girl, for the moment. I am moving Monday.
Zerogirl says: where are you moving
Airport says: spat, you mean for sure you're moving or maybe you're moving?
Silly_tea_tree says: sub what's up
Sub Zero says: you don't want to know silly
Sub Zero says: just stay out of my life
Silly_tea_tree says: sure but I think I know part
Zerogirl says: I went to San Fran for christmas and thought it was one of the greatest city's in the world
Silly_tea_tree says: got that right 0gal
Zerogirl says: spat, where are you moving to?
Spat says: air, on Monday. I will be moved to Littleton CO. until I find a place and job in Northern Colorado
Sub Zero says: *grins halfheartedly and lightly waves to blake* un yeah uh hi. *lowers eyes to the ground and continues staring*
Airport says: spat, then the move is definite...
Spat says: The move is definite, the moving company picked up all my stuff today. No more CA for me at this time.
Blake says: Bad schools in Littleton, I hear
Spat says: lol, and I am the product of some such school, blake, lol
Airport says: spat, you didn't even say anything about that... oh well, I wish you all the best in co... guess it'll be a bit strange around Littleton for quite a while...
Sub Zero: *Slowly toys with his freezing powers by shooting ice balls at various inexpensive items around Athens*
Zerogirl says: hello sub zero
Sub Zero says: uh hi zerogirl
Zerogirl says: uh. Hi.
Zerogirl says: I'm just saying hi.
Zerogirl says: wierdo.
Sub Zero says: I'd rather cut my wrists then live with this dour existence I'm stuck in. *speaks in an icy tone of voice*
Zerogirl says: you are stuck in a dour existence?
Silly_tea_tree says: icy for sub zero... how appropriate.
Silly_tea_tree says: then make your existence undour
Zerogirl says: *wondering what a dour existence is* OH... sour?
Zerogirl says: Sour existence... that make sence. What, you're stuck in a sour existence, sub?
Bloodwynd says: How do they expect us to have a discussion when the screen moves up in fits and bursts like this
Airport says: bw, what fits and bursts are these of which thou proclaimst?
Sub Zero says: *sneers at silly* I don't think you want to know... *more icy tones with anger in them now*
Silly_tea_tree says: oh please, I know you're p---ed at me so get over it
Blake says: sweet and dour chicken is good
Zerogirl says: sub, what is wrong with you
Zerogirl says: teehee, sweet and dour
Bloodwynd says: dour == severe, stern, obstinate
Zerogirl says: ah, ya
Zerogirl says: nevermind.
Zerogirl says: oh well, whatever, nevermind
Zerogirl says: yeee haw.
Zerogirl says: Sub Zero, you're still here, right?
Zerogirl says: we've talked before, that's why I said hi in the first place
Zerogirl says: Sub Zero?
Sub Zero says: *Slowly pulls out a knife and starts to make cutting motions with it over his wrists.* I'm not p---ed at you anymore silly. I talked it out with weezy. I'm now p---ed off at my own school that I went to. It's starting again. Just like Columbine high, my high school has received gun threats, bomb threats, and genocide notes. And I'm not there to protect my sister. So it's she gets killed I get killed. Or she survives and I survive.
Zerogirl says: woah.
Bloodwynd says: uh oh... sub zero's getting' serious
Clyzso says: sub serious??? Never!
Zerogirl says: *leans closer to the screen and munches pop corn* keep talkin'
Loveofwisdom says: Holy , I didn't know what I was getting into when I entered this room
Zerogirl says: SHHHHH
Zerogirl says: I want to hear what sub zero has to say
Clyzso says: *hugs* helloooo subby
Silly_tea_tree says: well sub, a lot of threats and such are gonna be wannabe crimes. But be cool. Acting like you are is just going to make it worse.
Sub Zero says: zerogirl. I said it up there.
Sub Zero says: Big paragraph.
Sub Zero says: Nice and easy to spot
Zerogirl says: Oh. Was that all you had to say?
Clyzso says: sub you are my frend right??
Zerogirl says: dang.
Zerogirl says: da nang.
Sub Zero says: oh huh. Yes I am clyszo
Clyzso says: hmmmmm okay nevermind Sub
Sub Zero says: I'm so p---ed off though that the school I graduated from is capable of this kind of sick stuff
Silly_tea_tree says: any school is capable of it sub
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: Sub Zero: you are from COLORADO where that stuff happened?
Spat says: Sub, are you from Littleton?
Loveofwisdom says: Sub, breathe deep the morning gloom. Watch the light fade from every room
Clyzso says: what happened is a testament to the horrible crap that high school society does to people
Zerogirl says: every school is capable of that stuff. Whatever, it's not the school it's society. These are just symptoms. YOU WAIT, I bet that by next school year we'll see at least one incident a week.
Zerogirl says: OH YA. The news is going to be better than any television show.
Silly_tea_tree says: good thing I'm outta high school
Blake says: North Dakota – a great place to be originally FROM...
Zerogirl says: blah blah blah
Zerogirl says: I want another school massacre on the news
Sub Zero says: Zerogirl - Please don't say that
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: yeah; that would be great!
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: I love all that violence
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: Just kidding
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: all of that
Zerogirl says: yes, I do want it. I want it NOW. I want to watch it on the news and feel separated and alienated.
Zerogirl says: it makes me more cyber.
Zerogirl says: ha
Loveofwisdom says: well, you are alienated, that is why you want to see it.
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – you think death is good?
Zerogirl says: I think that shizz wasn't real on the news, it was just entertainment.
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – reality is entertaining often
Loveofwisdom says: well zerogirl, you should be a philosopher, because then you would realise that you can't prove that anything ever happened
Zerogirl says: I don't even care if anything happened. I spent more time laughing watching the colombine high thing than I did anything else.
Zerogirl says: whatever.
Zerogirl says: it's the news.
Spat says: I cried
Zerogirl says: it's freaking collateral for society
Silly_tea_tree says: that's cruel... crue-el even 0gal
Loveofwisdom says: Pleasant zerogirl, who do you hang out with.
Zerogirl says: who freaking cares.
Bloodwynd says: well that's fine I guess
PHILOSOPHER_ARTIST says: I hate my mom
Blake says: PHIL – who doesn't? None of us are crazy about her...
Zerogirl says: loveof, why do you ask?
InfinitHENNESSY says: zerogirl sounds like a billy corgan by product, who himself is a waste
Zerogirl says: infinit – you are so dam deep
InfinitHENNESSY says: I know
Zerogirl says: are you all saying that you all cried and though columbine was really sad when it happened
Bloodwynd says: not me – I laughed too
Zerogirl says: Bloodwynd, good, honest. I think everyone did. They just don't want to admit it.
Loveofwisdom says: whatever zerogirl – you can only speak of your own experience, do not claim to be able to speak of others state of minds.
Zerogirl says: But I do. I laughed, especially at that stupid girl who was like "and he pointed his gun at me, snivvel snivvel and I had to beg for my life for like ten minutes boo hoo"
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – I disagree there – most people were sad, at least –
Zerogirl says: she was freaking annoying
Silly_tea_tree says: I was sad
Zerogirl says: I was watching it with four people, we were all laughing. We're not all weird.
BuckyLastard says: my boss lost a niece
Zerogirl says: we were making up gang sign for the trench coat mafia and everything. It was an entertaining day.
Loveofwisdom says: O.K. zerogirl, you are not weird, but you're different from myself, maybe I am weird
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – you sound weird – I can't even imagine sharing my amusement with anyone.
Zerogirl says: We all felt sort of weird, at first we hid it when we thought we were going to laugh, 'cause each of us thought woah, the other people are going to think I'm loopy, but then we realized we all wanted to laugh, so we did.
Zerogirl says: whatever, I don't think laughing was a weird reaction. It was laughter and then it was just discust for the way that whole stupid community reacted.
Zerogirl says: doesn't anyone here think the way that the whole community in Littleton reacted with the media was a little discusting?
Bloodwynd says: *bites his fingernail*
Zerogirl says: blah blah blah blah blah
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – how? All they did was report the facts n stuff
Zerogirl says: WHAT?
Zerogirl says: They blatantly boohooed it up for every T.V. station in America. It was so lame I wanted to kill most of those people myself.
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – well that's what people expect so that's what you give 'em
Zerogirl says: If those parents had loved their children as much as they say they did they wouldn't have allowed the media to televise their massacre and the aftermath nation wide
Bloodwynd says: but the media are always televising stuff like that – the parents can't stop 'em
Zerogirl says: That one black kid's parents went on television before they had even identified his body. When they were asked "is it going to be hard to identify your own son's body?"
Zerogirl says: neither one of them even cried.
Zerogirl says: that is sick.
Silly_tea_tree says: hullo art!
Airport says: silly, were you saying hello to air.. or to art...?
Silly_tea_tree says: uh art
Silly_tea_tree says: did I say air
Airport says: oh, silly then never mind... (rewrites his will...)
Silly_tea_tree says: {shock} I mean will u marry me air?
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – the parents were too stunned to resist the media's probing.
Zerogirl says: WHAT?
Zerogirl says: yes, but the parents didn't have to do interviews and stand by while the media photographed their children.
Spat says: There is a thing called shock
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – well why shouldn't they
Zerogirl says: Those two parents were in an interview setting, they went into a news building, sat down and answered questions with smiles on their faces only hours after the situation had been arrested. I'm almost glad this happened, it showed all of the rational people how sick america is.
Zerogirl says: the media turned that **** into a god dammed game show
Zerogirl says: who's sadder?
Zerogirl says: is it those parents or these parents
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – well I guess they must have really wanted to be on T.V.
Zerogirl says: whatever
Zerogirl says: ya, and they used their sons death as the means. That's sick. All of those kids hamming up their grief to get on the evening news, I wish some of those extra pipe bombs had gone off and killed the lot of them with the media
Zerogirl says: They're all sick and embarrassing specimens of human beings
Bloodwynd says: zerogirl – well you've made some good points there – I'm going to disconnect for a while so I can write them down.

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