Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

Bob's wife looks at him triumphantly. "AHA! You're lying! You did sleep with Lisa last night! O.K. Bob, you've deceived me for the last time. I'm leaving you. I'm getting a divorce. The car is mine so I'm driving home in it."
    Bob says, "But you can't do that! I'll be stranded here!"
    His wife says, "I don't care!", and she storms out.
    "Well thanks for nothing, mate", Bob sneers at you.
    You run after Bob's wife, saying, "Wait! Wait! I know you're angry at Bob but if you take the car then I'll be stranded here!"
    She says, "And who are you?"
    You explain how you were a hitch-hiker in Bob's car. She softens and becomes thoughtful. "Well... I guess you're not to blame for any of this -- and you WERE honest with me back there -- I'll tell you what, let's do a deal. I'll give you a lift if you give me your shoe."
    So you take off your shoe and give it to Bob's wife. She drives you to Ridgetown and drops you off at the TAFE college.
    You enter the college and say to the receptionist, "I'd like to cancel my -- " At that moment you step on a drawing-pin and say "OOWW!!!!" very loudly. The receptionist has a weak heart and the shock of the moment gives her a heart attack. She goes into cardiac arrest. Someone calls an ambulance. Looks like you're not going to get your refund today.
The End