Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

The king rubs his chin. "Hmmmm. That is really what you wish? Well... that would be difficult for us to achieve, considering we're on another planet..." You look downcast. Seeing your puppy-dog eyes, the king says, "Okay, look, I'll tell you what. I'll have my top scientists work on it and see what they come up with."
    Four weeks later, a team of scientists arrange a meeting with you in a glorrzap hotel. The team leader says, "We have been working on this fee-refund thing and we believe we have solved your problem. In our time machine we traveled back to last year and arranged things so that you never enrolled or paid your fees. It was a simple matter of detaining you on enrolment day, making sure you never got to Ridgetown TAFE. So now, when we take you back to earth, you'll find that you have extra money in your bank account and there will be no record of your enrolment."
    You rush forward and hug the lead scientist. "Thank you -- thank you so much --", you say with tears in your eyes.
The End