Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You apply for the job and you succeed in getting it.
    The next day, when you're serving up drinks to alien astronauts, bb'ob comes up to you and says, "I can't believe you took this job away from me! After all I've done for you -- broke you out of prison, showed you how to get back to earth -- and you throw it all back in my face by taking the only job that I really wanted! Why didn't you just take my advice and put on the disguise?"
    You say, "Well hey, I don't want to put on a disguise -- I don't want to live my life in fear and hiding anymore. This is a great job -- I get to meet lots of interesting people and the boss says I'm doing really well."
    Bb'ob replies, "Well go to hell!" and storms out.
    It looks like you've lost a friend. But on the upside, you've found your niche in life. This job was made for you. You spend the rest of your years in the space-port cocktail lounge, serving up drinks happily.
The End