Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown you agreed to come in

You arrive at the banana-tree restaurant and watch as Bob and his friends set up the instruments.
    Five minutes later, they are playing "Love Me Tender" when a woman enters the restaurant, rushes towards the little stage and grabs Bob's microphone before he knows what's happening. The woman shouts at Bob, "You stupid prick!" The other musicians stop playing, looking at the woman in shock.
    "What's wrong, Marsha sweetheart?", says Bob. This woman must be his wife or something.
    She yells at him, "I just heard that you went out with Lisa last night, and that you slept with her! What do you say to that?"
    Bob replies, "Who me? No, I didn't sleep with Lisa last night. I didn't even see Lisa last night. I was somewhere else. I was -- I was -- I was with my friend over there." He points at you. "I was at your house. Remember? You can back me up on this, right?"
    Bob's wife is looking at you. What do you say?

Say "Yes, Bob was at my house."
Say, "No, Bob was not at my house."