Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You start playing the song "Love Is In The Air." Now that you've had a bit of practice, you are able to play a bit better. You're really getting the hang of it.
    The audience stop booing you and throwing things -- they're listening and staring at you in awe, as if they weren't expecting this at all. Then, during the chorus, they start bobbing their heads and dancing.
    At the end of the song they all applaud and shout "Encore! Encore!" So you play another song. The musicians are throwing money into your hat.
    At the end of the performance, Bob comes up to you and says, "I've misjudged you -- you're not so bad -- you're one of us! And if you keep up the accordian playing, I'm sure you have a great musical career in front of you."
    You thank Bob and his friends and leave the building. On the way back to Ridgetown College of TAFE, you count up the money that they threw into your hat, and it comes to exactly the same amount as your TAFE fees. You could go to the college and get a refund, but it doesn't seem important anymore -- you're too excited about your new musical career. You want to go to a music shop straight away, spend the money on an accordian, and start practising. So you do.
The End