Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You drink the green liquid. It tastes good. Mmmmmmmmmmm! You say to the old lady, "This is very good."
    She replies, "Thankyou -- and in answer to your question, you're in Smythesdale. Now, that'll be twelve dollars eighty, please."
    You say, "What for?"
    She says, "For the tea. It's not a free sample, you know -- you drink it, you bought it."
    "Well I'm afraid I don't have any money."
    "Oh, so you're not going to pay? You're going to cheat me out of my money? You're STEALING the tea? Hey, Randolph, get out here!"
    A security guard comes out of the shop. He grabs your hands and drags you into the shop. Then he chains you to the table. The old lady calls the police. The police arrive and take you to jail.
The End