Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

The Captain says, "Hmmm. Earth. A peaceful planet, as yet -- the humans are too primative to be of interest to us. Well, we are on our way to Betelgeuse, but it will be no trouble to take a quick detour to earth and drop you off there. Kneffle, set a course for earth!"
    The ship travels to earth, but when you get there, you see that there are glorrzappian warships closing in on it from every side. You say to the Captain Kolinz, "Captain, don't you think you should destroy those glorrzappian warships? They are your enemies, after all."
    The captain shakes his head. "We don't like to rush into battle without a proper strategy planned out. Besides, this one ship wouldn't stand a chance against a whole fleet."
    You look disappointed. Just then, you notice a compartment on the far side of the bridge labeled "Escape pod." What do you want to do?
Try to make off in the escape pod