Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown run run run

You run out the door in a blind panic and start running across the open fields, fearing for your life. Bob runs after you, firing his gun and missing. He keeps chasing you so you run towards a wooded area on the horizon. Bob is in hot pursuit. You keep running until you reach the forest. Now you're running in amongst the trees, uphill towards the hills. Every now and then you hear a bullet whiz past and hit the trees near you. Your blood is pounding in your ears and you're not sure how long you can keep running like this. You run past trees and rocks and bushes. Looking back, you see that Bob is nearly upon you - it's only a matter of time before he shoots his gun again and hits you. You're not looking where you're going. Suddenly you come to a steep downhill incline and lose your footing. Now you're tumbling down the hill, out of control. You fall into a river. The river is deep and wide and it sweeps you away. You're so exhausted you can hardly stay afloat. Bob is running alongside the river, trying to shoot you, but then he comes to an impassable set of trees on the bank and has to stop. You've lost Bob. Do you want to get out of the river here, or keep floating a little further downstream?
Get out of the river here
Keep floating a little further