Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown


     You leave the building and retrace your steps. But on the way back through the car-park, you pass an old lady.
    A few seconds later, the old lady says, "Hey, what's this? You dropped something."
    She picks up the thing you dropped -- it's your fees receipt. It must have fallen out of your pocket. You hold out your hand. But she doesn't give it back. She says, "What's this? Is it something important? Can I have it?"
    You reply, "No, you can't have it, I need it, come on, give it to me!"
    And she says, "You really want it, huh? You reeeeeeeeeally want it? It must be something valuable."
    You beg her, "Please give it back, it's very important."
    But she says, "Mmmmmmmmm, no, I think I'll keep it. If you really want it that badly then it must be worth a LOT." She walks into the building, scanning the piece of paper, trying to fathom its purpose.
    Sadly you wander away, knowing that all hope of getting a fees refund has been forever lost.
The End