Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

As soon as you approach the camp, you are once again captured by the soldiers. You are brought before the general and he says, "So you thought you could run away, hmmmm? Well I think you've proved beyond all doubt that you're a terrorist spy."
    You object and argue with him, explaining about how you came back to warn them about the imminent attack.
    He hesitates, not sure whether to believe you or not. Just then, a sergeant bursts in and says, "General! Bob has escaped from cell three! He tunnelled out five minutes ago!"
    A few seconds later, a warrant officer bursts into the room and says, "General! The terrorists are attacking!"
    The general says grimly, "All right then. Go to plan C." Everyone rushes out of the room -- one of them carelessly leaves a gun behind on the table in their hurry. You hear the sounds of combat and gunfire outside. What are you going to do?
Stay here and hide
Grab a gun and start shooting some bad guys