Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You rush around a corner and see that someone is trapped under a beam. It's a large man and he's looking at you. Nearby there's a fire which is spreading fast and it looks like it's about to burn him.
    "Quick!", he says. "Get the fire extinguisher!"
    You get the fire extinguisher and put out the fire with it. Then, summoning all your strength, you lift the beam off the man and free him. His legs are injured so you carry him over to a safe area and cleanse his wounds with water from a burst water-pipe.
    A few minutes later, the rescue team busts through the wall and gets you out. As the man is being loaded into the ambulance, you ask him, "What's your name?"
    He replies, "My name is Bob. I know who you are -- I came here to bash you up for my busker friend, but now that you've saved my life I see that you're really a decent person and I want to do something for you in repayment. Any favour -- you name it, I'll do it."
    You say, "I'm hoping to cancel my enrolment and get a refund for my fees."
    The paramedics are closing the ambulance doors. Bob yells out, "I can do that for you! I have contacts! Don't you worry about a thing!" The ambulance drives away, and a television news crew comes over to talk to you.
The End