Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

The general says "Hah! A cock and bull story like that only makes me more angry! Tell me where the secret terrorist base is, or I'm warning you, I will torture you!"
    You say, "But I don't know anything about that!"
    So the general takes you off to the torture room. He ties you to a bench and attaches electrodes to your head. Then he says, "Well, are you going to talk, scum? I'm warning you, I'll give you an electric shock if you don't!"
    You ask, "How many volts?"
    He says, "I don't know -- the dial is broken." He taps the voltage dial with his fingernail.
    A helpful guard says, "General, maybe you should try flicking the switch to test it. Then you can judge the voltage level by how much the prisoner convulses."
    The general says, "Good idea, Collins!" He flicks the switch. The electricity rushes through your body and kills you instantly.
The End