Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

Bb'ob replies, "A hjsdiaf is about the equivalent of one earth minute. And after you escape, meet me at the space-port. See you then."
    Bb'ob walks away. You wait five minutes and then unlock the cell door. As you're creeping past the lookout post, you hear bb'ob's voice saying to someone else, "Hey, look rrandlf! Isn't that an earth war-ship heading for the palace? Oh, no, false alarm." He must be creating a diversion.
    Once outside, you head for the space-port which is clearly signposted. It's a busy place full of aliens arriving and departing on spaceships. You try to keep a low profile. Looking out onto the airfield, you see a line of military ships with armed aliens climbing onto them.
    After a few minutes you hear a voice saying to you, "See those warships? They are heading for earth." You look behind you. It's bb'ob. He says, "They're planning to wipe out the entire human race. Your only hope of survival is to sneak on board one of those ships. Here, take this uniform and this fake i.d. and this alien mask." He hands you a bundle of things. "Farewell and good luck. Oh, as wish me luck too -- I'm applying for a job in the space-port cocktail lounge."
    He walks away. What do you want to do?
Put on the disguise
Apply for a job in the space-port cocktail lounge