Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

Bob says, "You wouldn't do that."
    You say, "Yes I would. You mean that much to me, Bob."
    Bob is silent for a time, then he climbs back down off the railing. "I suppose I'll give it a few more days -- I might start to feel better then."
    He walks with you for a while longer, then says he's going home. You wish him goodbye and good luck. It's too late to go to the TAFE college today so you go back to the bus-stop catch a bus back to your home suburb.
    The next day, you travel to Ridgetown again and go to the TAFE college. You go up to the receptionist and say, "I'd like to cancel my enrolment and get a refund for my fees, please."
    The receptionist says, "I'm afraid the closing date for full refunds was yesterday. I can give you a partial refund, if you like."
    So you have to be content with that.
The End