Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

Bob blurts out, "This person is lying general! Do not listen to this person! I am an innocent man, a student just trying to cancel my enrolment at Ridgetown TAFE and get a refund for the fees that I paid! I wandered onto army land by mistake because I was lost!"
    The general taps his finger on the desk in uncertainty. "Hmmmmm. What's your name?"
    Bob says your name.
    The general says, "Do you have any I.D.?"
    Bob says, "No... oh wait, I have this..." He takes out a piece of paper and you recognise it as your own fee-receipt. It has your name and address on it. Bob must have stolen it out of your pocket while he was in the cell with you.
    The general looks it over and says, "Well, it's not proper I.D., but I guess it'll do. Your story checks out. You are free to go."
    Bob is escorted out of the room. "Well", says the general to you, "It seems that YOU are the terrorist spy. So what have you got to say for yourself?
Say, "That guy stole the fees receipt out of my pocket! I'm the innocent one!"
Say, "Well, I used to be a terrorist -- but now I've reformed!"