Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You join the terrorists on their revolutionary mission and start looting and pillaging all over the place. Pretty soon they have taken over several other army bases and gathered together some much-needed weapons. The battle between soldiers and terrorists rages daily, but the terrorists are too strong and they always win. Pretty soon you're storming the State Houses of Parliament and taking that over. Then a contingent of terrorists goes to Canberra and takes over the Federal Parliament House. After that the revolution is complete -- the powers that be have been toppled and the whole establishment lies in disarray. Australia now has a new ruling force. It's not really an improvement on the old government, at least not for the average citizen, but things are certainly better for you, as you are now part of the ruling force and you get a share of the spoils of war so you acquire much more money than you would've got from the fees refund which you originally set out to get.
The End