Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You shoot the terrorist leader.
    Following the gunshot there is a long silence. You hear a dog barking in the distance. Then you yell out to the crowd, "Well, now I guess you'll be needing a new leader. I nominate me. Any objections?"
    The terrorists shake their heads in fear and awe.
    You say, "Good! From now on this gang will be run like a smoothly oiled machine under my command. Who wants to find some more authority's blood to spill?"
    The gang shouts out, "Yeah!"
    "Well let's GO!"
    In the following few weeks you start looting and pillaging and making your own rules. Pretty soon your gang have taken over several other army bases and gathered together some much-needed weapons. The battle between soldiers and terrorists rages daily, but the terrorists are too strong and you always win. Pretty soon you're storming the State Houses of Parliament and taking that over. Then a contingent of terrorists goes to Canberra and takes over the Federal Parliament House. After that the revolution is complete -- you have become the supreme emperor of Australia with absolute power -- you rule the country with an iron fist and go down in history as the most violent and brutal despot in the world ever. But your ultimate goal of cancelling your enrolment and getting a fee-refund remains unrealised.
The End