Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You walk and walk through the night. There are no streetlights in this part of town. Everything is dark, except for the occasional headlights of a passing car. You can only see the road a few feet in front of you.
    Then, suddenly, with a roaring sound and a blinding light, a spaceship descends from above and shines a sparkly beam of light onto you. The last thing you remember before falling unconsious is the feeling of the ground dropping away beneath your feet.
    When you wake up, you are strapped to a bed and there are aliens looking down at you. "Aaaaaah, the human is awake!", says one of them. "Greetings, earthling! We are going to invade your earth and destroy you all. What do you think of that?"
Say to the alien, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!"
Say to the alien, "Oh, no, please don't extirpate us!"