Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You strap yourself into the pilot's chair and grab the joysticks with both hands. You start firing laser beams at the alien craft, weaving in and out of them as you go -- and every time you hit a ship, it blows up.
    Suddenly all the aliens are pointing their weapons towards you and firing. But you dart and duck and dodge using your lightning fast reflexes, and no one can hit you. Enemy craft are coming at you from every side -- you're going crazy towards the end, spinning round and round, firing in every direction, only just managing to hold them off. But finally you manage to kill them all.
    The last alien war ship explodes in a burst of fire, and then the sky is empty. You have saved the earth.
    After a few minutes of silence to calm your shattered nerves, you guide your ship down through earth's atmosphere and land on the ground, very close to Ridgetown College of TAFE. You go into the building and say to the receptionist, "I would like to cancel my enrolment and get a fee refund, please."
    The receptionist says, "Ummmmmmmmm.... O.K."
You have won.
You have achieved your
aim and that means
you win.