Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

The alien voice on the intercom says, "Really? Is that you, General hefwarrtak?"
    You reply, "Yes it's me, General hefwarrtak, so you better listen up! Do NOT invade earth! Our latest information indicates that the humans are in possession of weapons far more advanced than we thought previously! The humans would wipe us out, I repeat, the humans would wipe the floor with our scrawny alien butts! Retreat immediately! Pass on this message to the others!"
    The alien warship begins to retreat from earth. After a few minutes, all the other glorrzapian ships are leaving too. It looks like your cunning deception was a success. Triumphantly, you head for home.
    But as you drop back to earth, your little escape pod burns up in the atmosphere. You are toasted.
The End