Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

A man comes rushing around the corner -- it must be Bob. You continue to lie there with your face mostly covered and you mumble, "help me -- please --"
    Bob starts pulling the heavy bits of rubble off you. He continues to shift things until you are free. "Can you stand up?", he says.
    You try your legs. They're not hurting nearly as much now -- you guess they must be not broken after all.
    As soon as you stand up, Bob scowls at you and says, "You! You're that person who listened to the busker but didn't pay! I can't believe I wasted my time rescuing a person like you. And you're not even hurt! Coh!" He walks away.
    You follow him, saying "Bob, where are you going? Is this the way out?"
    He turns a corner and there's someone waiting there -- it's a young man in a white coat, with blood coming from his forehead. Bob says, "There IS no way out. We're stuck here. This is my friend Joe -- he's a student here. Joe, allow me to introduce the most disgusting, awful, worm-like person that I've ever met." He points at you.
    Joe says, "Well let's just all get along -- we could be trapped here for days."
    You and Bob and Joe are trapped in the half-collapsed building for some time. By and by you start to get thirsty. Joe seems like a nice person, but Bob hates you for some reason. Bob has a bottle of water -- he sometimes takes swigs from it himself, and offers some to Joe, but he never lets you have any. You feel like you are dehydrating. What do you want to do?
Have a talk to Joe
Have a talk to Bob