Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

Bob says, "I'm a musician. I also dabble in espionage and terrorism. But nothing I do has been very fulfilling lately -- I'm just not happy with it."
    You say, "Well, Bob, maybe you should find a new line of work."
    Bob goes on to discuss with you what he's good at and what he's interested in, and you try to give him some good advice and guidance. But nothing you say has any effect. Then you take an apple out of your bag and start munching on it.
    Bob stares at the apple as if it gives him an idea. "I've got it!", he says. "I could sell apples! And not just apples, but other fruit too! And vegetables! It could be an all-round fruit and vegetable shop. I bet no one's thought of doing that before."
    "I think they have, actually Bob."
    Bob says, "Oh, have they? You're so knowledgeable about these things. And I'm so na´ve. If I'm going to be a success in this fruit-selling business, I'll need your help. How about you and I go into business together?"
    You think about it.
Go into business with Bob
Don't go into business with Bob