Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown You are locked up

The soldier shrugs and takes you to cell number three. He pushes you inside and locks the door.
    It's dark and gloomy but you can make out the shape of someone else in here with you. Cautiously, you say "Hello?"
    A man's voice growls in response, "Hello." A moment later, the man has jumped to his feet and is forcing you against the wall, his face close to yours. You can smell his breath as he says, "Do you know who I am?"
    You reply, "No."
    A few seconds later he backs away. "Then you're not with the terrorists. That's good. My name is Bob. Who are you?"
    You reply, "I'm just an innocent person who's been wrongly imprisoned."
    Bob says, "That's good. An innocent person. Excellent. This fits perfectly with my plan." Bob sits down on a wooden bench.
    You ask, "What plan?"
    He replies, "My plan to bust out of here."
    You decide it's safest to keep quiet. After a half-hour of non-conversation, another soldier opens the door and shouts, "Both of you! The general wants to speak with you in the interrogation room immediately!"
    The soldier leads the two of you at gunpoint to a room where the general is waiting. "O.K. you scumsuckers -- you vermin -- I know that one of you is a spy for the terrorists, now which one is it?"
Say "It's me! I'll tell you everything!"
Say "Well it's not me so it must be him."