Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

The head of palace security says, "A mistake? We all saw what you did. You deliberately attacked and injured our leader. This is an act of war! Humans are not a friendly race at all! They are an evil, malicious race which must be stamped out. Let us prepare our warships immediately!"
    You are taken away to a special prison, where you sit for three days in fear and regret. Then, on the fourth day, an alien approaches you in a guard's uniform and speaks in a whisper.
    He says, "I'm not a real guard. My name is bb'ob -- I'm one of the aliens who abducted you back at the start. I've been studying earth customs for years -- I know what you did was an honest mistake and this punishment is a bit harsh. So I want to help you escape. Take this key and unlock your cell door in five hjsdiafs. I will create a diversion, allowing you to slip past the guards. Okay?"
say "Okay."
say "what's a hjsdiaf?"