Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

The general suddenly becomes very angry, and shouts, "LIAR!" He kicks a chair over in his rage. "My men have scoured the countryside in that area -- they would have discovered such a hideout if it existed. You are just trying to throw us off the track. Well, if you won't give me an honest answer, then I'm afraid I will have to torture you. Guards! Take this person to room 102!"
    The guards take you to a room full of torture devices and the torture begins. They stretch you out on the rack and whip you and give you electric shocks and prick you with needles and drip hot wax on you. You keep yelling at them that you can't tell them what you don't know, but the general doesn't believe you.
    At one point, someone rushes into the room and says, "It's happening! 849!", and the general rushes out of the room, as do all the torturers. While they are out, you notice that someone has carelessly left a sharp knife within your reach, and you might use it to cut the ropes which are binding you. Do you want to?
Yes, cut the ropes
No, don't cut the ropes