Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown you are escaping

The soldier walks away, whistling as he goes. You start sneaking around the edges of buildings, slipping in and out of shadows, hiding around corners whenever you hear someone coming. Stealthily you make your way to a point behind the buildings where you can see a clear route to escape. When no one is looking, you creep across to the fence and climb over it, shielded from view by trees. It looks like you're free and clear.
    You start walking back across the muddy landscape, in the direction of Ridgetown TAFE. After a few minutes you come to what looks like a large cluster of bushes and you hear voices coming from beyond it. Curiously, you creep closer to the sound and you realise that it's not a cluster of bushes at all -- it's a building camouflaged by tree branches and greenery. You crouch beside it and listen to what's going on inside.
    A voice says, "O.K. men, this is not a drill. This is the big one. As soon as Bob gets back from his reconnaissance mission, we are going to invade the army camp. This is just the first step in our plan. If this succeeds, then taking over the rest of the city will be a cakewalk. We will set up a permanent base in the nearby TAFE college. With the resources that the army camp can yield to us, we can gain control over the entire defense and law-enforcement system in a matter of days. Just remember -- don't take any prisoners. You must KILL them ALL, even the ones who surrender. Are you with me on this?"
    The men respond, "YEAH!" -- it sounds like at least a hundred voices in there.
    What are you going to do?
Go back to the army camp to warn them
Forget about it and just keep walking