Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You pick up the piece of paper and see that it's a receipt for TAFE fees. So you go back to the receptionist and say, "Hey, I was only joking before, here's my fees receipt and my name is Bob."
    The receptionist says, "Well this seems to be in order. O.K., here's your refund." She hands you forty pounds, two shillings and thrippence.
    You go out and use the money to buy some decent clothes and food and a place to live temporarily. Then you get a job and a flat and start adjusting to life in the sixties.
    But a few weeks later, Bob tracks you down. He comes to your door, and when you open it he jams his foot in the door and comes inside. He says, "You stole my fees receipt -- you cancelled my enrolment, and that means I can't do my course anymore and my whole future is stuffed! And on top of that my girlfriend has left me and it's all your fault! You've ruined my life! Well now I'm going to ruin YOU!"
    He grabs you by the neck and strangles you to death.
The End