Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

The voice from the intercom says, "Pizzas? Yummy! Well come on board, then -- the docking bay is around the back."
    You steer the tiny escape pod around to the door of the glorrzappian warship and dock with it. Before opening the airlock, you put on your rubber alien mask which you still happen to have in your hand.
    When you step onto the alien ship, a bunch of aliens are waiting there eagerly for you. One of them says, "Where are the pizzas? Did you bring them?"
    You say, "Wait a minute, guys, I've traveled 48 light years to make this delivery, let me just have a rest first, O.K.?"
    But the aliens are very eager. They say, "Are the pizzas in your pod? Are they? Can we go and get them?"
    You say tiredly, "Oh, O.K. help yourselves."
    The hungry aliens crowd into your escape pod, all eager to devour the pizzas which they think await them. But while they're in there, searching around, you press a button marked "Close airlock" and another one marked "Eject pod", and the aliens have been cast out.
    You run to the drive room of the ship and look at the viewscreen. The sight which greets you is dozens of warships hovering far above the surface of the earth, with more ships joining their ranks every minute. As you watch, the first shot is fired at the earth. It hits the White House in Washington DC, blowing it to smithereens.
    Lying on the ship's control panel is a toothbrush.
    What do you want to do?
Attack the alien fleet with the toothbrush
Attack the alien fleet with laser-beams