Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You cross the road and enter the police station. Bob follows you. You say to the policeman inside, "That man is chasing me!"
    The policeman says, "What man?"
    You look around. Bob is standing right there.
    The policeman says, "Oh hi, Bob, me old chum, me old mate, how are ya? How's the family?"
    Bob replies, "Oh, I'm fine, but this person is giving me trouble."
    The cop says to you, "What? You've been making trouble for my old friend, my old buddy, Bob?"
    And Bob answers for you, "Yes, this person has heckling me at my gigs."
    "Oh!", says the cop, "Well I'm afraid I'll have to charge you with causing a disturbance. NO ONE heckles my friend Bob. I'm afraid I'll have to lock you up for a while. And Bob, if you ever want anyone else locked up, just let me know."
    Bob thanks the policeman and leaves. The policeman goes ahead and locks you in a cell, despite your denials.
The End