Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

A bunch of musicians block your path. You try to get through them but they grab your arms and legs and carry you away from the exit.
    Two pianists approach you -- they tie your wrists and ankles together with piano wire. Then someone covers your face with sheet music and straps it on with guitar strings -- they turn you upside down and string you up from the rafters, all the while laughing at you and singing insulting songs -- then they start poking you with drum sticks and conductors' batons -- and then the whipping begins -- they whip you with amplifier leads until your skin is red. They scratch your skin with guitar picks and deafen you with percussion instruments at close range. And when they've had their fun, they leave you hanging there while they stand around and chat happily and play music to eachother.
    Later on, when the convention is ended, someone finds you and lowers you down to the floor. You have been so emotionally scarred by this experience that you check yourself into Ridgetown Psychiatric Hospital and spend several weeks recovering. And even after you get out, your fear of musicians never quite goes away.
The End