Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

After waiting for what seems like long enough, you unlock the door with the key bb'ob gave you. You tiptoe along the corridor towards the exit.
    As you are passing the lookout post, bb'ob sees you and whispers "What the hell are you doing? I told you to wait five hjsdiafs! Go back to your cell!"
    But a guard up the corridor has spotted you -- and he's seen the way bb'ob is talking to you. "Never mind", says bb'ob. "Let's just run for it!"
    He makes a break for the exit and you follow him. One of the sentries blocks his path, but he swings a punch at the sentry and knocks him down. Somewhere an alarm goes off. Bb'ob and you rush over to a laneway nearby where a car is ambling along. Bb'ob hijacks the car and pulls out the driver.
    A voice from a loudspeaker calls out "Alert! Alert! Prisoners escaping! Alert!" Meanwhile bb'ob and you have climbed into the car which is actually a flying car. The car rises up and it looks like you're going to be able to fly right out of this military compound. The giant machine-gun on the roof fires at you, but bb'ob is a very good driver and he dodges all the bullets.
    You're free of the prison, but a bunch of police fighter-jets are following you and firing. After an intense mid-air high-tech battle, the police have hit your car and it's going down. "Well, bb'ob", you say, "Looks like we're done for." The car crashes right into the palace, causing a massive explosion.
The End