Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown JTR

You get out of bed and go into the living-room. George is asleep already - you can hear him snoring. There is a candle on the side of the coffee table - as you're passing you accidentally knock it over and set fire to the tablecloth. You try to put it out by throwing a cup of water onto it, but the water turns out to be methylated spirits and you only succeed in spreading the fire further. So you try to beat the flames out with your clothes, but it's no good.
    Just then, George is woken by the commotion and comes out. "What's all this?", he shouts. "The place is on fire! Help! Help! Timmy, wake up! It's a fire!" Seeing as how the old man has things well in hand, you go outside.
    A few seconds later, the old man comes out carrying Timmy, puts him down on the grass beside you, and goes back inside to continue fighting the fire. Timmy is holding a carving knife and has a murderous glint in his eye. Do you want to stay here, or go inside and help George?
Stay here
Go inside and help him