Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

Bob's wife sighs, "Oh, yes, well I guess you do know him. Well, Bob, I'm sorry for wrongfully accusing you and I'll let you get on with your music." She sits down.
    Bob's band plays a few more songs and a good time is had by all. Later you and Bob return to the car and he resumes driving you to Ridgetown. On the way, he looks over at you in the back seat and says, "Thanks for helping me out back there."
    You say, "Oh that's all right."
    He says, "No really, I know it was a lot to ask, and when someone does me a favour that big, I want to show how grateful I am. Here's the money I made from today's gig -- I want you to have it."
    You say, "No, Bob, I can't accept it."
    He shakes the money in your face and says, "Go on! Take it!"
    You say, "Hey Bob! Keep your eyes on the road! Watch out!"
    But it's too late. The car hits another car which has swerved onto the wrong side of the road and the impact kills you both instantly.
The End