Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown Who is the old lady?

You arrive at the banana-tree restaurant -- Bob gets out and you wait patiently in the back seat. It's quite warm and comfortable in the car and after a few minutes you fall asleep.
    When you wake up, you find that the car is moving. The person in the driver's seat in not Bob, but a woman. You rub your eyes and say "What's going on?"
    The woman looks at you, surprised. "Who the hell are you?", she asks.
    You reply, "I'm a hitch-hiker."
    The woman seems very annoyed by this answer. "Well my name is Marsha. This is my car. Bob stole it from me, but I've got it back now. Where were you hoping to go to?"
    You say, "Ridgetown."
    She says, "Well I'm driving in the opposite direction of Ridgetown, and I'm not going to take you back there, so you may as well get out."
    She pulls over, and you get out. Marsha drives away, and you realise you forgot to ask her where you are. You start walking down the road.
    A few minutes later you see a little old lady sitting in a rocking chair outside a shop. You say to the old lady, "Excuse me, could you please tell me where I am?"
    The old lady rocks back and forth and says, "I'll tell you if you drink some of my delicious iced-tea!" She holds up a cup full of green liquid. "It's delicious! Go on! Drink! Drink! Driiiink!"
Drink it
Don't drink it