Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown JTR

You push Timmy's arm away with great force, almost making him fall over, open the window, and clamber out of it. Timmy slashes at you with his knife as you exit, and draws blood from your ankle. But in your fear your only thought is of escape - you can hardly feel the pain. You run and run, not looking back. Timmy is not following you. After a while you begin to limp as the pain in your foot takes hold. You continue limping through the night. You can't see where you're going. You begin to wonder is this is the end for you. But somehow, you keep going and a few hours later you see another light in the distance. This time not just one light, but many. As you draw closer you see that it's a large two-storey building with several people moving about inside.
    You enter the building through the automatic glass sliding doors. Ahead of you is a receptionist.
    "Where am I?", you ask.
    She replies, "You are at Ridgetown college of TAFE."
    Oh it looks like you've come around in a big circle and ended up where you started. "Mmmmmmmm", you say thoughtfully. "Well, I'd like to cancel my enrolment. Can I have a refund for my fees?"
    "Do you have a receipt?"
    You check your pockets. It's not there. "Oh no! It must have fallen out when I was running to catch the bus!"
    "Well no receipt, no refund", says the receptionist.
    Oh well. You go limp off to the bus-stop, defeated.
The End