You start munching on the apple. It's a nice, fresh, healthy, great-tasting apple. The chewed up pieces go down your gullet and into your stomach which has become empty and shrunken over the past few days. But then you begin to feel pain down there. It's as if the apple is reacting with your stomach juices in a bad way. The pain increases and you clutch your stomach. You feel as if the pieces of apple are acid and they're eating through your insides. You collapse onto the ground and lie there groaning. The students around you ask what's wrong, but you're in too much pain to answer properly. Someone calls an ambulance. Your vision gets fuzzy.

By the time the ambulance gets there, you are dead. When the paramedics undress you, they find several pieces of chewed-up apple next to a gaping wound in your chest. They conclude that the apple has eaten its way through your guts to get to the outside.


You have scored 80 points out of a possible 100. You starved yourself for a long time but somehow near the end you got so hungry that you had to eat. This is called giving in.