What is your understanding of the course?
Well, I know that it's a comprehensive and broad based introduction to the disciplines of design and it provides training and preparation for design-related occupations.

Have you seen a piece of graphic design which has impressed you recently?
I saw an ad on the back of "The Big Issue" magazine, it was a full page ad with a tilted rectangle of text in the middle, and the text told the story of this guy who lost his job and his home and had to go and live a life of poverty in a horrible boarding house. The words were sort of messy and out of alignment, with two different font sizes, and they were printed on what looked like a piece of paper with ripped edges, glued carelessly to an old wall covered with disgusting filth and graffiti, and down the bottom in small white type it said "Australia Post is proud to sponsor The Big Issue, helping homeless and long-term unemployed people get back into the workforce.." I thought the ad was very well made because it had an overwhelming air of roughness, grottiness, and imperfection, which fits the subject matter and makes us consider how important the work of The Big Issue is.

Why do you want to do this course?
Well, mostly because I think I'll enjoy it, because I've enjoyed all the other art-related courses that I've done, and also because it will increase my chances of getting into further studies like Graphic Art and Graphic Design, and this is the direction that I want my career to go in.

Why design? Why not visual art?
Well, I've done a lot of visual art in the past, and when I'm doing that sort of thing I feel like a bit of a fraud because my art doesn't seem to mean anything, I don't have an important message to convey, but when I'm doing design it's like, I just have to make it look good, and that's the kind of art that I'm most interested in creating.

Can you talk about one of your artworks?
O.K. -- aah, this one, "Push", it's cut-out bits of magazine stuck together, an arm pushing a round object away with the word push made up of cut-out letters, aah, I thought it would be a good idea to use the arm and the eye because body parts tend to be conspicuous and attention-catching, and I picked the large handwritten h as the last letter because it seems to convey a sort of energy directed towards an action or a tensing up of the lungs, and in the background I put some unobtrusive black and white stuff. I picked the picture of the dark silhouette of a guy because it gives people something else to look at, and it's kind of enigmatic. So this picture is sort of thrown together with not much planning but it's arranged in a way that looks good to me.

Do you have any questions?
No, because I learnt pretty much everything I need to know about this course from the short folio-preparation course that I did here.

------------------------------------- ----------------------November 23rd 1997