June 10th -- Susan Turner and the Hangman

(names changed, except Susan Turner's name)

There's a new girl in North 6 who is absolutely the raddest raddest chick I've come across so far -- not so much in her looks as in the way she acts. Before nine this morning she came into my room (did I mention that she's been here less than a day?) and said "Are you O.K.?" and I said yes and she said "Do you need a hug?", and I put down my bag and came forward but instead of hugging me she shook my hand in a whole lot of different ways. Then she said, "Friends for life?" and I, in a state of non-believing rapture, said yes. Then she gave me her address, and I gave her my address, and she left. Yo! I was too ecstatic to wonder, "Why me?" She don't waste any time -- she just says all the things I want to hear without any build up. She's nuts -- she's perfect. Her name is Susan Turner.

When I went downstairs at 9:30 I noticed she's acquainted with Wally, too -- she agreed to play a game of draughts with him. Her kindness is incredible -- like when we were going down to the dining-room at morning tea time, she helped old lady Jessica who was having her usual walking trouble. And later, when I was sitting upstairs watching "Saved By The Bell", along comes Susan and sits next to me. She goes, "Can I say I'm sorry?" and I go "What are you sorry for?", and she goes "For not getting to know you better", and I go "That's O.K." But the greatest moment of all was when she leaned onto me and kissed me on the face. YO! This girl has the most excellent mental disease known to man. She's too kind to everyone. She has too much love. Oh please let her stay this way. I'm rapt. She said she was going on day leave, but she'll be back.

Nurse Griselda told me to make my bed today, although I don't think it was an order she really expected me to obey. I spent the time between eleven and twelve writing yesterday's diary entry, and I managed to get it finished. After lunch I sat in the lounge room reading "Needful Things", and meanwhile Wally and Arthur played some games of Hangman in which Franc, Jessica and Nick Apollo joined. Carla reckons hangman is an evil game, and that was the excuse I used jokingly when Wally begged me to play. Wally and Arthur were insulting eachother mercilessly -- they were only kidding around, but I definitely don't think they're compatible. The game ended when Wally kept scribbling on the whiteboard which Arthur was trying to clean, a thing Arthur had done to Wally the game before. It was I who guessed most of the hangman words before the others, but I kept my mouth shut.

After that I went out for a walk. I hiked for quite a long way on the muddy crown land that adjoins Larundel, and I didn't go back the way I came -- I ended up climbing over a low fence next to the nursery to get back onto hospital land. It would've been the coolest adventure if the ground hadn't been so soggy. Then I sat in the dining room and worked on my letter to Nan until 4pm.

I had a shower. My pen-crisis is so bad that I have to resort to using this other type of pen which tends to go right through the paper in places. My room-mate Sidney has put a couple of pictures of his girlfriend on the bed-head, and he was lying staring at them as I came back from dinner. Wish I had a decent picture of Karra or Tora to stare at. The patient Joyce spoke to me during "Hey Hey" upstairs -- she said some very cute things and was ultra friendly. But she's married, y'know. Also during "Hey Hey", Susan came back, and I realised how gnarly she looks with her hair down. I know she's down with Wally as well, 'cause I saw them hugging in the corridor. Oh how I wish she weren't down with Wally. I wonder if she has a preference between us. Never mind. Surely she'll go off Wally once she finds out how annoying he is. I mean this guy is major league annoying. While I was cleaning my teeth I thought to myself "Now here is a chick who's mastered the art of being liked." Anyway now that I have her address I can write to her, and that's good enough for me.

Parents didn't visit today -- strange. They better come tomorrow. The evil nurse Eddie, who used to be at North 9, met me in the corridor this evening and he seemed pleasant enough at first but then he told me I ought to be having a shower every day. He pressured me into nodding sort of, but I know I'm not going to break my routine of showering every six days. I've had the same routine for seven years, except that it used to be once a week until recently. Will Eddie make a big thing of it? I wouldn't put it past him -- I heard what he said to Monique on May the 10th. He's playing for the wrong team.

And tonight I planned what I'll say to the minions of misery on Tuesday -- "I'll be danged if I'm going to stay in a place that I can't afford! If that sickness pension doesn't come through by Thursday, I'm making plans to walk the streets!"

Hey Nick Apollo just stole another two Aero bars from the snack machine with the minimum of effort.

Danged pen it can't write neat --

note -- I never saw or heard from Susan Turner again after that day.


24/1Entry into psychiatric hospital
1/3Day Before Dreaded False Discharge Incident
13/4Night-time intruder incident
4/5Fire Alarm
4/6Visit From Melanie -- Day After the Dreaded Sheet Changing Incident
10/6Susan Turner
29/6 & 1/7Departure and Discharge from Hospital
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