Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You go into Ridgetown college of TAFE and say to the receptionist, "I'd like to cancel my enrolment and get a refund for my TAFE fees please."
    She asks, "What's your name?"
    You tell her your name. She has a look in her filing cabinet and says, "No, I'm afraid your name is not on our records. When did you enrol?"
    You tell her the date of your enrolment.
    She replies, "Well no wonder you're not on file -- that date is thirty-four years in the future."
    You say, "Oh! You mean this really is 1965? I must have traveled back in time somehow while I was asleep."
    She says, "Mm, well maybe you should tell someone who cares. NEXT!"
    As you're walking out the door, you see that young Bob is walking in. As you watch, a piece of paper falls out of his schoolbag without him noticing. Do you want to pick it up?
Pick it up
Don't pick it up