Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You stay with Bob and talk with him and pretty soon it's evening and the TAFE college is closed so it's too late to get a fee refund today. Bob is pretty drunk after all the beers he's been consuming. He says to you in a slurred voice, "I'm getting sick of just sitting here in this bar. Let's go out and have a walk around."
    So you go on a walk with Bob, around the back streets of Ridgetown in the darkness. He continues to talk with you about his problems, repeating a few things he said earlier about his wife, and now he's distorting the facts and dwelling on irrelevancies. His deep sorrow and self-loathing are getting worse all the time, and nothing you say can make him feel any better.
    Finally, as you're passing over a high bridge, he climbs up on the railing and says, "This is it! I'm going to jump! Goodbye cruel world!"
    The river below is deep and fast. What are you going to do?
Try to grab him and physically pull him off the railing
Say "If you jump, I'm diving in after you to rescue you."