Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

The general snaps his fingers. "Aha! The TAFE college! Ingenious. I never would have thought to look there. Captain, come in here!" A captain comes into the room. The general says, "Take five hundred men and go to Ridgetown TAFE. The terrorist headquarters is there. You know what to do. Ambush them! Destroy them!"
    The captain says, "Yes SIR!" and leaves.
    The general turns back to you. He says, "As for you, you'll be going back to your cell until we decide what to do with you. Guards, take this person away!"
    You are returned to your cell. A few minutes later, you hear the sound of someone shouting, "They're coming! Oh, Lord help us, they're going to kill us all!"
    You peek out the bars of your window and see that the camp is being attacked by outsiders. There are bullets flying everywhere. People are being shot before your very eyes. There don't seem to be many soldiers left. A panicked voice cries out, "Where are all the others? The other soldiers?"
    Another voice answers, "They've all gone up to Ridgetown college of TAa---a-aaaAAAARGH!"
    It seems that the camp defenses are in a weakened state, without the five hundred men that the captain took with him. Finally the battle is over and the terrorists have won. One of them unlocks your cell and says, "Good news, comrade! You are no longer a prisoner of the evil forces of fascism which have been oppressing you. Would you like to join our resistance movement, or walk away free?"
Join the resistance movement
Walk away free