Swinburne University TAFE division


You drag your tired hungry carcass along the footpaths of East Brighton, heading for the station. You're wondering whether there's any point in going to Swinburne University -- you're not enrolled there and they'll probably just chuck you out of the building when they find out you don't belong there -- but you're searching for something, and you've got to keep moving or you'll never find it.
    A train pulls into the station just as you're stepping onto the platform. It seems like good timing but now you don't have time to buy a ticket. Don't worry, they never check. Y'know the same thing happened to me on March 22nd 1996, the day I went out to buy my first computer. It was a secondhand 486 -- I didn't know how to work it at first. It didn't come with any manuals. So at first I hated it. But I grew to love it in time. They say the same thing happens with arranged marriages. Have you ever been in love? With a person, I mean? Well I haven't. I had a girlfriend once, when I was 19, but the relationship only lasted for three days or so. It's an interesting story.
    There are several stations you have to pass through before you get to Swinburne, which is in Prahran -- I think there's time for me to tell you another story, just to keep you amused while you ride. The story is named "Call The Locksmith". It's not my best work -- you may notice it's a bit rushed. That's because I felt compelled to write the whole thing in a single night. So it could have been a novel, but instead it's more like a 6665 word plot summary. Train rides can be boring, I know -- I've never had a car and I never will. Why? I'd like to say it's because of air pollution, but mainly it's just because I can't bear the thought of parking.
    You arrive at Prahran and walk to Swinburne University. It's just a bunch of buildings crowded together in the midst of the urban jungle -- there's no fence around it. Actually this is just one small part of Swinburne University -- it has five other campuses scattered across Melbourne, and the number of campuses is growing every year as more TAFE colleges are amalgamated into it.
    Over there, is the visual arts department. I did a partly visual arts course in 1996, and most of my work was centered there.
    Over there, is the Information Technology department, where I studied in 1997.
    And over there, is the Design department. Design is what I studied in 1998.
    Beautiful students wander hither and thither, all of them headed for success and prosperity. Maybe if you hang out here for long enough, some of the knowledge will rub off on you and thus slow your descent into the depths of hell.

Which way do you want to go?

train ride