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This is where you'll find the true stories. Some are deeply personal, others I just put here 'cause there was nowhere else to put them.
In 1995 I spent five months in a psychiatric hospital, because I had suicidal tendencies. But I was never diagnosed with depression and they never gave me any sort of medication while I was there.
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After I left the psychiatric hospital, I went to live in a boarding house.
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Four years later, I went back to visit the hospital and found it to be empty and abandoned.
But I went inside and explored it anyway.
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Somewhere in between, I started going to see bands playing live gigs. The first time I went out and saw a band, I was alone.
It was a pretty weird experience.
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After that I joined my first band. At first, I hated being in a band, but later, it was cool. I kept a journal of its slow and complicated journey from first rehearsal to first gig,
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You'll never hear any swear words coming from my mouth. I never even think swear words.
The reason for this is a little embarrassing.
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I did a lot of things in internet chat rooms, and I later I
wrote down everything that I did.
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