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Chat 79, in which I discuss individuality: March 23rd 1999
In Geocities Athens:
I'd just sent a letter to Clyzso telling her my views about individuality, and I couldn't resist going into the chat-room for a while 'cause it's been so long - after a few minutes I decided to toss something in -
Bloodwynd says: "Wouldn't it be cool if everyone was the same?"
This was the start of a long and intense argument in which I asserted that society should be changed into Aldous Huxley's vision of the future - clones, conditioning, happy zombie-like workers, the whole bit. Many people argued against me - I couldn't keep up with it all. Morpheus argued in eloquent four-line posts, saying humanity is meaningless without individuality, and enforced happiness is not true happiness, and we can't appreciate the highs without the lows. Nixie said she doesn't want to be conditioned - not if it means she can't write stories anymore. Somehow the argument got around to me not being human - and not caring about anyone - Nixie said this scared her because of the possibility that there might be more people like me in the world.
Bloodwynd says: "Don't worry Nixie - I'm the only one."
Lizzie took pity on me, saying I'm depressed or something - Morpheus said I don't really believe what I'm saying, I'm just playing devil's advocate. UNO they can't accept that a person like me can really exist - UNO I don't fit into their acceptable view of humanity - in the end, they have to go into denial. And I'm thinking, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to tell Clyzso my views - You can't win the argument - all you can do is show yourself to be an inhuman monster.

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