Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown

You stop at a little Ridgetown café and you are about to order some breakfast food but then you notice that all the prices on the menu are listed in pounds, shillings and pence. That's odd. Then you notice a strange man nearby who has a brightly coloured shirt, long hair, a beard, and beads around his neck -- but the strangest thing about him is that he's reading a paper dated "May 30th, 1965."
    You say to him, "Excuse me -- why does that newspaper have the date May 30th, 1965 on it?" He replies, "Because it is May 30th 1965, man!"
    You nod understandingly, thinking this must be some sort of delusional guy who's living in the past. Outside the café you find half a sandwich in a rubbish bin and munch on that as you continue on your journey.
    On the way into the TAFE college you notice two students having an argument, a guy and a girl. The guy says, "Hey, I'm getting pretty sick of your accusations!" and the girl says "Yeah? Well, Bob, maybe you should stop being such a jerk!" and the guy says, "Hey, bitch, no-one calls me a jerk!" and he slaps her in the face. Hmmmm. This could be serious. Do you want to intervene?
Break it up
Don't get involved